How To Choose a Suitable Bike Frame For Your Kids?


Little children change a lot when they grow up, but parents need not worry, no matter how old they are, tall or short, there is always a suitable bicycle to accompany them to grow up. There are many bicycles on the market with different wheel sizes and frames. To choose a bicycle for children, the most important thing is to judge which size bicycle is suitable for children at present stage.

The following provides the main wheel sizes for parents to choose from, to help everyone to choose a proper bike. No matter what size bike you choose, make sure your child can grip the handlebars with both hands, step across the frame and brake safely and effortlessly. 

The chart below shows the different wheel sizes, corresponding age groups and body heights. The main discussion here is the size of the bike. The age can be adjusted appropriately. After all, developing children have different heights and weights.


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