How To Eliminate The Accumulation Of Lactic Acid During Riding

Do you have the following symptoms when you ride?

Muscle stiffness and pain after the game

After long-distance riding, the body is tired and weak, and the muscles are sore.

After a high-intensity ride, the body is sore and will be more serious the next day!

The cause of the above symptoms is lactic acid accumulation. Because of the relatively excessive exercise, it exceeds the intensity of anaerobic exercise (the high-speed and intense exercise of the muscle in the state of "hypoxia"), and the lactic acid produced in the body cannot be in a short time. The inside is further decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, and the oxygen supply is insufficient to form anaerobic metabolism, thereby causing a large amount of excessive product lactic acid to accumulate in the body.

How to drain acid and recover as soon as possible?


 1, Warm up

You should exercise more usually, and prepare for warm-up before riding.


2. Muscle massage

Relaxing the most stressed and fatigued muscles after cycling is an effective way to eliminate fatigue.

Massage is usually performed 20 minutes after the end of exercise or before going to bed on the night of exercise. Start with a light press and gradually over-extract to massage, knead, press and buckle, with local jitter. Massage should start from the heart away from the feet, thighs to the waist, from the hands, arms, upper arms to the chest, you can also massage with your companions. It is best to receive professional restorative massage if conditions permit.


3. Moderate exercise

Low-intensity walking, or jogging, especially after high-intensity exercise, do aerobic exercise to promote the excretion of lactic acid with the metabolism of energy, can promote blood circulation, can alleviate the original pain, and will feel more after a while. To the pain. And continuous exercise can keep the muscle strength from degrading, and it will not happen again next time.


4. Bath

Bathing can relieve muscle pain and accelerate the excretion of lactic acid. While taking a bath, you can use body massage oil to gently massage the sore parts of the muscles, then pour the appropriate massage oil into the bath filled with hot water and soak the whole body.


5. Eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits

Should eat more alkaline foods, such as tomatoes, bananas, tofu, etc., in order to help maintain the basic balance of the body's pH, help metabolize lactic acid, as soon as possible to eliminate the fatigue caused by exercise.


After exercise, you can't eat chicken, duck, fish, meat and other acidic foods. If you drink more acidic foods such as cola and meat, it will increase the acidity of the blood, which will increase the soreness of the muscles and make the fatigue slow or impossible. eliminate. It is generally recommended not to eat and drink acidic foods for half an hour after exercise.

Drinking less after the end of the ride will increase the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, slowing the elimination of lactic acid, and causing stiff muscle pain after exercise.


6. Sleep

Sleep is a good way to eliminate fatigue and restore strength. Some people will suffer from insomnia after exercise. The main reason is that our nerves are still in a state of excitement after exercise, making it difficult for people to fall asleep. Before going to bed, you can listen to some relaxing music and drink a glass of milk to relax. If the insomnia is serious, it is recommended to advance the cycling time.


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