How To Order A Titanium Crank-set?What Specification Of The Customized Crankset Should You Know?

How to order a titanium crankset? 

What specification of the customized crankset should you know?

When you order a customized titanium bike crankset, a supplier will ask you several questions to define this crankset.

For example:

1 For the Bottom bracket, is it a standard BSA thread, BB Shell, saying 1.37X24"? This will define the BB axle's length.

2. Is it a Tapered square axle or an ISIS type?
3. Is it one Chainring or two chainrings in one set?
4. What is the BCD value? If BCD is 104, that means the spider hole made of a circle has a 104 diameter.
5. What is the crank length? Normally it is 175.
6. Is it for a fat tire bike or MTB bike, road bike frame? This will define the crank's bending degree.

Hope this will help you when you order a customized crankset.