How To Quickly Recover Your Strength During Long-distance Cycling

Long-distance cycling is a tough test for both mind and body, and avoiding injuries while riding is crucial. Pre-training and preparation, fully replenishing energy during cycling, and mastering your own rhythm are all useful, but just as important as these are things you have to do after a day of riding.


How to recover quickly during long-distance cycling

Set up a massage plan


How to recover quickly during multi-day riding

If you have the conditions, have a massage every night to help the muscles recover.

When glycogen begins to be consumed and lactic acid begins to accumulate, the first area of perception is in your lower limbs. The right massage will eliminate the side effects. Massage needs to focus on the muscles of the muscles such as the rectus femoris, as well as the hip flexors - including the psoas and glutes.

Special attention to the upper back of the neck and the erector spinae (three columns of muscles extending down the spine) can alleviate the pain of anti-gravity muscles.

Stretching recovery


How to recover quickly during multi-day riding

Sir Bradley Wiggins is doing Indian knots, he knows how important stretching is.

The muscle is connected by two fixed contact points. Stretching after riding can reduce the feeling of tension when the muscles work.

Sky Burt and the British national team doctor Phil Burt suggested four actions after the ride, including Bulgarian squats, Indian knots, improved hurdler stretch, and ITB foam shaft stretch. A good 30-second stretch and a 60-second foam shaft are effective for relieving pain.

I don't know how to do these actions? Click: British national team doctor: 4 stretching exercises that must be done after riding.

"Ice and Fire Two Heavens"

Rinse your thighs alternately with hot and cold water is a simple and effective way to stimulate muscle nutrient blood flow – but if you're thinking about making an ice bath, think twice. New research shows that a hot bath of 15-20 minutes is a better choice. The ice bath will reduce the inflammatory reaction and muscle soreness, but these chemical reactions are the basic conditions for obtaining the training effect, so the ice bath will eventually reduce the training effect.


How to recover quickly during multi-day riding

Stay active

Once you have completed a ride, you need to start active recovery right away. After a long ride, you should ride on the flat or on the riding platform for another 10 minutes to cool, keeping the heart rate in the first interval (50-60% of the maximum heart rate). The current theoretical maximum heart rate calculation formula is the largest. Heart rate FCmax = 220 - actual age). In the evening you can do another simple ride, run or walk to promote the body's discharge of metabolic waste from the muscles.

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