How To Ride A Bike To Avoid Fitness And Avoid Sports Injuries

How to ride a bike to avoid fitness and avoid sports injuries

First, how to ride a bicycle to fitness

1. Free riding method: It is unlimited time and unlimited strength. The main purpose is to relax muscles and deepen breathing, so as to relieve the physical and mental fatigue caused by life and work pressure.


2, the intensity of riding method: First, the speed of each ride is specified, and the second is to specify their own pulse strength to control the speed of riding, this kind of riding method can effectively exercise the human cardiovascular system.


3, intermittent riding method: the specific practice is to alternately ride fast and slow, first slow ride for a few minutes, then fast ride for a few minutes, cycle several times, can also effectively exercise the heart and lung function.


4, the strength of the riding method: according to different conditions to force to ride, as above, downhill, not only can effectively improve the strength or endurance of the legs, but also prevent the occurrence of thigh bone disease.


5, aerobic cycling method: mainly at medium speed riding, generally riding about 30 minutes, exercise with this method should pay attention to deepen the breathing, the improvement of heart and lung function is also very good. Aerobic exercise is not strictly in the heart rate aerobic exercise zone, and below the aerobic minimum heart rate is also a type of rest.


Second, how to avoid sports injuries

1. Damage to the cervical and lumbar spine

The symptoms of this type of injury are mainly pain.

Shoulder pain. The pain that caused this part is mainly because the upper tube of the car is longer and the handlebars are lower. The result is that the upper limb supports the body beyond what the muscle load can withstand. The solution can be achieved by increasing the height of the handlebar, reducing the height difference between the handlebar and the seat, and adjusting the combination of the upper tube and the handlebar.


 neck pain. This phenomenon often occurs at the same time as shoulder pain. The solution is the same as above. In addition, it is best to develop a certain habit in riding, that is, look at the road ahead, you can look at the farther places in front, observe the road conditions, obstacles, pedestrians, etc. If there is no intersection, there is no need to avoid Pedestrians or obstacles, refer to these conditions to determine whether to slow down. Then you should observe the nearer road information. By changing the viewing angle from time to time, it is possible to avoid damage to the cervical and lumbar spine caused by long-term stiff posture.

Backache. This is often caused by the straight body when riding, because more force will increase the burden on the waist and lead to fatigue at the waist. To solve this problem, the body's center of gravity should be moved forward in time, the upper body angle should be lowered, and the arm should bear more body weight, thus reducing the pressure on the waist.


2, damage to the knee joint

The symptoms of this type of injury are also painful, mainly in the upper part of the knee and the back of the knee.

The upper part of the knee hurts. It usually occurs when the amount of exercise is relatively large, which is often referred to as muscle fatigue. In fact, this type of pain is also a signal that the muscles send to the human body, and is a way for the body to protect itself. To solve this kind of problem, try to use a small tooth ratio to ride and increase the pedal frequency.


The upper part of the knee is sometimes caused by the shorter distance between the seat and the pedal. This distance is too short, and the leg will be in a state of fatigue during multiple pedaling cycles. The correct distance from the seat to the pedal should be adjusted to the top of the seat when the bare foot is seated, the legs are straight, the heel can just hit the pedal, and the buttocks will not twist around because the foot is not enough to pedal. .

The back of the knee hurts. Often caused by the height of the seat bag too high, it can also cause the ligament strain at the back of the leg, which is usually adjusted slowly by lowering the height of the bag. It may also be because there is no bicycle ride for a long time, and suddenly a large amount of riding is carried out, and the body cannot adapt.


3. Damage to the upper limbs

This type of injury is mainly caused by the long-term compression of the upper limbs. If the movement of the arm does not change much within a certain period of time, the blood circulation of the upper limbs will be relatively reduced, which is of course disadvantageous for the body. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out activities to strengthen upper limb movements, such as playing basketball, table tennis, and badminton, in addition to cycling. When riding for a long time, you should choose to solve the problem of tiredness on the shoulders and waist, as mentioned above. Choose to get off at around every two hours to promote blood circulation in all parts of the body.


4, the impact on male physiology

For male riders, the most likely thing to worry about is whether long-term riding will affect the prostate. This kind of worry is not unreasonable, because if you have partial compression for a long time during riding, it will cause local blood circulation disorder, which will cause disease. Therefore, pay special attention during the riding process. It is best to take a break after a long ride. Expert advice is best for an hour or two. If you are riding for a long time, always raise your hips and let the blood circulate, alleviating the pressure on the body. Second, the angle of the seat cushion also affects the body part.

Usually during a short game, the athlete will adjust the seat cushion slightly upwards, which will help the athlete to exert force in a short time. However, such adjustments will put a lot of pressure on the perineum, so this method is very unsuitable for long-term riding. And in cycling, specialized cycling pants also have a role to play.


In summary, the damage caused by the bicycle is manifested in the time, strength and posture of the ride. As long as we solve these problems, cycling will be a very good fitness exercise.

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