If Firstenter The Ride, There Are Some Wrong Things That You Mustn't Do!

Every year, many people are ready to join the cycling team and begin to experience the fun of cycling. However, before the ride is included in the plan, these riding mistakes are something you must know, and you can't step on it!

Myth 1: Do not warm up, stretch

Unprepared activities have an impact on your entire ride, which is to reduce efficiency. Do some proper warm-up exercises before riding, so that the body can fully move, so that it will not hurt the body, is an important step to get the best results.

Myth 2: The faster you ride, the better.

Wrong! Some of the just-in-time riders are only pursuing speed during the ride. The speed is not the degree of domineering your ride, which is actually very harmful to the body.

The correct way: riding speed is to maintain speed, avoid slow and slow, strong and hard to ride, no step to stop. It is recommended that beginners should increase the amount of exercise after finding the frequency that suits them during the riding process, so that the step-by-step ride can exercise. Generally speaking, ordinary bicycles, long-distance riding under conditions of normal physical strength and flat roads, should be maintained at a speed of about 15 kilometers per hour, and good physical strength can be accelerated to 20 kilometers per hour.

Myth 3: The longer the ride, the better.

Some riders feel that the more they ride, the longer the exercise time, the better the effect.

In fact, when riding the car for the first time, the time should not be too long, and the time should be increased after the body adapts to the new distance. When riding a long time, pay attention to changing the riding position and moving the center of gravity of the body.

Myth 4: The greater the intensity of riding, the more weight loss

Wrong! The reduction in body fat depends on the length of exercise, not the intensity of exercise. Because the beginning of the cycling exercise, the first consumption of glucose in the body, began to consume fat after the consumption of sugar. After people are strenuously exercising, they are exhausted and difficult to continue to adhere to, so the fat consumption is not much, and the purpose of weight loss is not achieved.


The right thing to do: Only slower and smoother long-lasting exercise can consume more calories.

Myth 5: Desperate stepping on

For beginners and young riders who are accustomed to slamming, it is necessary to increase the gear ratio step by step when riding, and to master the pedaling frequency, it should avoid chronic injury caused by heavy stepping or wrong stepping. At the same time, avoid sudden increase in the amount of riding, you need to relax your knees after riding.

The legs are squatting outwards, nodding their heads, etc. are all incorrect postures. It is necessary to adjust the height of the bicycle so as to avoid contusion of the inside of the thigh root and the subcutaneous tissue. When you are riding a bicycle, the position of the foot must be appropriate, and the force should be even, otherwise the ankle and knee joints will be painful.

Myth 6: Rest immediately after riding

Wrong! Strenuous exercise can cause a series of physiological changes inside the body. For example, the heart beats faster, the lung capacity increases, and the metabolism is strong. But these changes did not disappear immediately as the movement stopped. If you stop exercising immediately, it will reduce the amount of circulating blood and prone to exercise syncope.

Correct practice: appropriate activities such as slow walking and stretching after the end of the ride will help to adjust the changes inside the body.

Myth 7: A lot of water after riding

Wrong! Many people know that it is not appropriate to replenish water immediately after a lot of sweating, but it is easy to replenish water. Because, after a large amount of exercise, the various organs and systems of the human body need to be rested, and at this time, a large amount of hydration will add a heavy burden to the system of digestion, blood circulation, and the like, especially the heart.

The correct way: the hydration method is preferably a small number of times, drinking 150 to 200 ml every 10 to 15 minutes during exercise. But don't drink sweet drinks to avoid increasing the burden on your stomach.

Myth 8: showering immediately after sweating

Wrong! After the body is fully exercised, the pores of the whole body are opened. If you suddenly pour it with cold water, it will cause a cold and a fever. And showering does not help the muscles relax, but it will make the muscles more tense.

The correct way: When the sweat on the body is dry and then bathe with warm water, the water temperature should be higher than the body temperature 1-2 °C, so that the muscles can be fully relaxed.


Myth 9: Girls will become over-strong when riding a bicycle

This is a common misunderstanding. In fact, girls can ride aerobics for 40 minutes to slim legs, and the body becomes symmetrical! A rumor may make you miss the most beautiful one.

Myth 10: Cycling, cycling, only knowing cycling

The body is a very adaptable machine. You can consume 36-37 calories per kilometer when you first start riding. The body after riding for a long time has become a perfect riding machine, the same speed and distance. You may be lower than 36 or 37 cards. Exercise should be diversified, not just focusing on cycling, but also combining other sports!

Whether it is just starting to ride, or the old riders who have been riding for many years, I believe they are firmly remembered! 2016 all the way to ride! Enjoy healthy, free and enjoyable cycling!

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