It’s Too Cold, There Are A Few Things That Should Be Done Before The Bicycle Is Closed In Winter.

Dream winter cycling like this

riding in winter

Or like this:


The result is like this




And this


Think about it,  OK block the bike in winter.

In order to have a good condition for the car in the coming year, it will not become scrap iron, and the car should still pay attention to one or two.

1, cleaned

The bicycle must be thoroughly cleaned before the car is closed. There is usually a lot of dirt in the tread pattern, which can be cleaned with a brush. In addition, the handlebars, frame, brakes, crankset, chain, flywheel, transmission and other components can not be let go.

After cleaning, remember to wipe it off with a dry cloth to prevent rust.

2, oiling

Basically, the moving parts need to be oiled, so don't oil the disc.

The chain is basically the most important part of the bicycle to be oiled, and a special chain oil can be used.

Transmission: Your front and rear dials are the parts that move the chain when shifting. They consist of countless small moving parts and also include two guide wheels. You should keep them clean and lubricated so that they do not stick together or become stiff. Shift when stepping, check that the transmission is working properly, then lubricate any moving parts with lubricant, including mounting points.

Brake and shift lines: These lines are responsible for passing your brakes and shifting behavior. If they rust or stick because they are not lubricated in time, you won't be able to stop or change gears smoothly, or even at all. This is a major issue. Check them regularly, especially if you are riding in a dusty or humid environment and dripping a few drops to relubricate.

Brakes and shifting handles: They are the key parts of the brakes and shifting on the handlebars. Apply a few drops of lubricant to their turning points and the adjustment nut to ensure proper operation. Then wipe off excess oil to prevent dust from absorbing.

Brake: On the brakes (mounted on your front and rear wheels), drop a few drops of oil on any rotating parts you see. If these points are not easy to find, you can pinch the brake handle and take a closer look at where to turn. The relative movement of these metal parts is where lubrication is required. Be very careful not to let the oil drip onto the brake block. Otherwise, there is no way to brake effectively.

Pedal: Drop a few drops of oil on the place where the pedal is connected to the crank. Again, let the oil go up to the rotating part.

3, tires pumping

Must have tires in the air, often have a friend's tires out of the air for a winter, the tires are basically abolished.

4, packaging

Storage can be stored in the whole vehicle or can be removed and stored.

5, place the bicycle

The place where you store your bicycle is recommended not to be too dusty or too wet.

Power brother thinks that there is no need to seal the car for a whole winter. When the weather is good, you can pull the car out and ride it. The bicycle is alone and lonely.

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