Jogging Is The Right Exercising For All The Ages,

Jogging right posture

  1. Landing mode of feet

Some people think that when running, they should touch the ground with their forepaws, while others think that they should touch the ground with their heels. We suggest contacting the ground with the middle part first. Research shows that a good long-distance runner usually lands on the ground with his foot. The jogger lands with his feet and heels, and the fast runner lands ahead of the jogger. We think only sprinters and middle and short distance runners are suitable for landing on the ground before. There may be exceptions, but landing in the middle of the foot is a good way for beginners and intermediate runners. This will reduce vibration, relieve pressure on the calf muscles and tendons, and prepare for the next step.

2. Hip and head posture

It's hard to imagine this: where is your hip position when your foot touches the ground? Some people suggest that when you touch the ground, your foot should be at the end of your barycenter line, that is, the head hip foot should form a line at three points. Keep your head straight and straight, and look straight ahead. When turning your head, you need to be very careful, usually from the upper part of the neck, to avoid twisting your body and instability when moving.

3. Arm posture

Your arm movement helps you move forward while running, and your arm movement helps minimize body rotation. Keep your elbows bent about 90 degrees. Try to relax your arms as much as possible during your run, while maintaining the same stride as your legs. Swing your arms up or down during a run, your hands up to your sternum, and down to your belt. Keep this range of motion, not too high or too low.

4. Knee position

Don't raise your knees too high for long runs. Only sprinters or we need to raise our knees when we go uphill.

Exercise time editing

The time of jogging depends on the training level of the jogger. For beginners or those who interrupt sports for a long time, it is better not to exercise more than 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning, and there can be a slow walking process in the middle. Jogging time can be gradually increased to 20 minutes in a month. The key to jogging is persistence, which requires three workouts a week on average. If you keep going, you can run a marathon in four to five years.

Most joggers are used to training in the morning, because the endorphins secreted by the body after running can bring people a pleasant feeling and a good mood all day. But according to experts, the best time of the day to run is between 17 and 18, because people have the highest body temperature at this time of the day.

Rhythm editor

When jogging, relax your muscles, breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically, but in two steps

One breath, two-step one breath, or three-step one breath, three-step one breath. It is advisable to take a deep breath with the abdomen, bulge the abdomen when inhaling, and retract the abdomen when exhaling. When jogging, the pace should be light and the arms should swing naturally. Jogging amount of exercise to run 20 to 30 minutes a day is appropriate, but it must be long-term adherence to work. Jogging can be divided into spot running, free running and quantitative running. Running in situ means jogging in situ without moving. At first, you can run 50-100 steps at a time, gradually increasing. After 4-6 months, you can run 500-800 steps at a time. High leg lift can increase the intensity of exercise. Free running is to change the speed of running at any time according to your own situation, with unlimited distance and time. There are time and distance limitations in quantitative running, that is, running a certain distance in a certain time, from less to more, gradually increasing.

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