Knowledge About The Gear

About gears:

In theory, after multiplying the number of discs and the number of flywheels, we can get the number of possible combinations of front and rear teeth, which is the gear number we usually talk about. For example, 24-speed, 27-speed, 20-speed, and 30-speed are also used. But not so-called 24 speed, it will certainly provide you with 24 different transmission ratio options? If so, is the more gears, the lighter the ride? The answer is No.

For example, the so-called "27-speed system" of the previous 3 and 9. First of all, not all the front gears can match with all the flywheels. For example, if the outermost large plate is hung on the front, it is better not to hang the innermost large plate in the back. First, if the rear legs are not long enough and the chain length is not enough, the rear gears may be too tight or even unable to run smoothly. Second, the large plate and the big fly are not in a straight line, the chain will have lateral deformation, and it is very easy to jump or even fall off the chain. In addition, it is well known that the side force strength of the chain is very poor, and the chain forcibly twisted from the side is very easy to break. In the same way, do not hang the small plate with the smallest flying, the chain is excessively twisted, and the back pull is too loose, which will also lead to tooth skipping and chain falling.

Secondly, the transmission ratio of the number of teeth on the disc and the number of teeth on the flywheel also coincides. For example, the number of teeth of Deore FC-m590 disc is 44-32-24, and the number of teeth of the flywheel is 32-28-24-21-18-16-14-12-11. Such a combination can provide the transmission ratio range from 1:4 to 1:0.75, but 32:32 and 24:24, 32:16 and 24:12, 32:28 and 24:21, 32:24 and 24:18, respectively. Considering the removal of big belts and the small belt, there are only 21 actual effective transmission ratios left in the theoretical 27 speed.

Therefore, in many cases, we should not only do a simple multiplication to determine the number of gears, but according to the range of transmission ratio we need, through the combination of different tooth numbers of the disc and flywheel, we should try to provide the common transmission ratio that suits us as much as possible. Gears are floating clouds. The wide and practical range of transmission ratio, the accurate operation of common gears, and the smooth change between gears are the focus of our attention.


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