Known As The World's Hardest Car, All-titanium Alloy Manufacturing, The Domestic Local Tyrants Do Not Buy It


There are countless local tyrants in China, which we as Chinese naturally deeply feel. In fact, for foreigners, they also know that China has a lot of big money, so they like to bring all kinds of good things to China to sell, hoping to sell a good price.

In fact, the same is true in the automobile market. There are many foreign models that can't be sold in China. People don't know how many models and brands they have achieved. But today we want to talk about this car. Although it looks very bullish in all aspects, nobody in China pays attention to it. This car is called the Earth. Volcano Titanium, the hardest sports car on the list.

Speaking of this car, many people have not heard of it. In fact, this car has only appeared twice in China, and it appears on the auto show. The first was in 2013 and the second was in 2017. The reason why this car can be remembered is mainly because of its high price and rigid body.

The body of this car is made of titanium alloy, so the body can be said to be non-invasive, the general car model compared with this car is as crisp as a piece of paper. In itself, local tyrants in China tend to prefer such alternative models, but the brand name of this car is too small, even if this car is the only one in the world, there are many people who feel that driving out is easy to be misunderstood.

Looking from the exterior, this car is really not beautiful enough. Because of the special material, the whole car doesn't look new enough. It's like a car that was built many years ago. It's been stored for a long time and changed into this color. Secondly, the design of the front face is too sharp, whether it's the headlight or the net, it's totally different from the sports car in our impression.

But the lines on the side feel much better. The sharp lines reveal the trunk of the nose, and the whole looks like a fighter jet. The design of the tail is also very good, and the tilted tail fin improves the power sense to a higher level. However, the overall shape of this car is slightly unsatisfactory.

This car came to China twice to find a buyer, but the price of 60 million yuan is too expensive, and the body performance can not let many people buy it, so it has not been able to buy. In terms of power, this car is equipped with a 6.2L V 8 engine, the highest speed can reach 354 km/h, 100 km acceleration 2.8 seconds, power performance is very strong.

Overall, the performance of this car is remarkable, but it failed to achieve the desired results in China. However, if anyone takes this car, there is no need to be afraid of collision with people. Titanium alloy is not a wave of fame. Unfortunately, this car has been exhibited twice in Shanghai, but no one in China pays for it. Maybe the local tyrants are still a little confused about this car and dare not buy it. Do you like this car?

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