Schedule Calendar Of MTB UCI & WC in the Coming 2020


2020 is coming, let's take a look at the most noteworthy Mountain World Cup, Mountain World Championships and World Endurance Series (EWS) schedule calendar next year in the world's top mountain races!



▲ World Cup World Championships Calendar

In 2020, from March 21st to September 27th, UCI International Mountain Race Course will carry out the schedule of a number of mountain events such as XCO, XCC, DH. It can be seen that the first three games of the new season are all downhill events. The XC project started later than the DH event, and the single station was one stop less than the downhill.

2020 is also the year of the Olympics. The cycling event of the Tokyo Olympics in Japan will be held from July 25 to August 9. During the more than one month after the end of the XC Mountain World Championships on June 28, the Mountain World Cup was not scheduled. In other schedules, the two events are well staggered, and fans don't need to worry about how to choose the event overlap.

In the new season, the Mountain World Championships will compete in four countries: XC, 4X, DH, and Marathon.

Let's look at the current hot mountain endurance series (EWS). EWS will have 7 races in the new season. Finally, it will continue this year to create the "Trophy of Nations", which is called the "Endurance World Championship", with events on three continents.

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