Market Research: XACD Titanium Cycles VS Some Others Titanium Bike Parts Builder

Here is original email  from our customer to show:

Hi Alisa,



I had some extra time at work today, so I searched for all the US companies that made titanium bikes, and sent them all a question:  how much would a 56cm titanium track bike frame and fork cost?  I have heard back from 4 out of 10 so far, and here is what I found:


Litespeed:  We only offer customer geometry on our stock frame and we don’t have a track style frame to offer you a custom geometry.  Our custom charge would be $800 added to the frame cost and our least expensive frame is $2050 so the custom cost for the T5 would be $2850.


Sage:  Unfortunately, there is no way I will be able to compete with that pricing so I would say go get that frame/fork if that is your budget. David Rosen Owner | Designer


Firefly:  Our Ti Track frameset is $4400, including custom geometry. We can easily match that geometry, but we can't match their price.


Eriksen:  Yes, we do custom builds (tho we do not make Ti forks) and a traditional road QR frame alone starts at $3500.



Dean:  We can build you a track frame in a stock size:  El Vado:  $1800.00  I am happy to include track drops and a 15% discount to sweeten the pot.  We build our frame in Boulder CO using mostly US Titanium so I cannot go as low as XACD. With discount:  El Vado Track: $1530.00 


DeSalvo:  If there was any way I (as a 1 person small builder in the US) could compete with a Chinese factory on price and stay in business I would in a hot minute.  Not sure you will find any US manufacturer that could come anywhere close to that in price.  Cheers, Mike DeSalvo


Stinner:  We don't do any titanium track frames.


Lynskey:  This will be a custom build of course, which takes a drawing and special time in the plant. Time-wise about 6-8 total - the custom charge we have on current models is an additional $1000 on top of the standard frame price. Not being a current model, trying to price one out is difficult, but I would guess it would be in the neighborhood of $2800-$3000


How about that?  XACD certainly wins!! 




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Here is our reply:

Thank you very much for your market research, I am very happy to get data.

In contrast, our products are inexpensive, customized products are flexible, 

many products are not all big bicycle brands can do, I think the biggest limitation is that their production process and crafts can't complete some special products, they are just have the brand influence, but the product category is single.

If the customer insist on customizing some special products, their price will be higher.

This is our advantage:

Product size and specifications can be flexibly customized, product quality is guaranteed, quality and cheap price, and provide the OEM service.

the customization process is also very simple: design the drawings as required, confirm the drawings, produce, and shipment. Simple and efficient.

We will meet face-to-face with a British brand on 11th/9 to sign agreements and contracts for the cooperation of titanium products. So soon will see more products put into the market, they will all be made by XACD.

So if you need custom the titanium bicycle products, pls send email to us: Email: