More You Need To Know About The Chain Ring Teeth.

When choosing the tooth plate, the problem of repair parts caused by normal loss and accidental damage shall be considered. The tooth plate is not a single piece, and the crank, disc claw, disc, screw, and some shafts can be disassembled separately. The wear degree of each disc is also different, so it is more scientific to choose the toothed disc which is relatively universal and easy to replace some parts, so as to avoid the situation that only the middle disc is severely worn, and other discs and cranks are as new as before, but only the whole tooth disc can be replaced.

I have bloody examples: the foot screw hole of the right crank of the mountain tooth disc of Deore LX FC-m582 less than 3000km is slippery. The tooth disc is hollow and hollow. The left crank can be replaced separately, but the damaged one is the right side. The heel claw and the central shaft are a whole, which can only be discarded. It's very sad. From then on, we come to the conclusion that the toothed disc with high integration is not good for long-distance use.

In terms of disc material, I prefer steel and 7075 aluminum, which are hard and wear-resistant. Ordinary aluminum discs wear too fast, and after the surface coating is worn off, the exposed aluminum and steel chain are in direct contact with each other and rusted faster with water (electrolyte is used as the medium between different metals, resulting in chemical primary battery effect, accelerated oxidation, which is available in middle school chemistry textbooks, no more details). The hard disk is more durable, and it is more convenient to replace the chain than the disk.

In terms of the crank material, steel is also more suitable for the touring car. The hardness of aluminum is too soft (this refers to the texture, not the rigidity of stepping on it). All the bumps are scratches. The foot pedal is not installed properly, and the screw hole is easier to slide.


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