Needn't Take A SLR Camera To Ride,just Use Your Mobile Phone Can Get The Beautiful Photos

Even if you don't have a SLR camera, you won't miss the scenery because there is also a mobile phone that can take pictures. Although the mobile phone has its inherent disadvantages - the sensor is small and can't change the lens; but if you look at it from another angle, these disadvantages can also be turned into advantages: you don't have to learn complicated operations, you don't have to consider various parameters when taking pictures, you don't have to carry huge ones. The lens group is cheap and has one hand. In addition to individual photography enthusiasts, no one will bring a camera every day. On most bikes, your phone is your only photography tool. So follow the Xiaobian to learn how to take a bicycle photo with your mobile phone.


You may sometimes felt that his photography level has stagnated for a while, and the old master of photography told me: Try taking two hundred shots a day; just like the car king Eddie Mox told us: ride more; the principle of 'Practice Makes Perfect' never change. As an ordinary lover, you may not need to shoot every day, but please take a look at each shot and take each photo with your heart.


2. Retouching APP

I once heard a jingle: "Black and white (film) is not a dark room, digital is not late, it is a big fool." The photos taken directly by the mobile phone are relatively mediocre, and the post-software is needed to adjust the brightness, contrast and color of the picture. There are many types of apps like this: SNAPSEED, Instagram, VSCO, and more. They can adjust the exposure, contrast, cropping, sharpness, sharpening, noise, saturation, hue, etc. of the picture, making your photo quality a qualitative leap. Even if you don't understand what is light, dark, contrast, and color, it's okay. Most of these softwares come with a one-click landscaping and preset function.


3. Black and white

The color world is too complicated. If the color is not good, it will be dirty. In this case, you can use black and white to instantly raise your photo B. In general, black and white photos are more pure than color, without the turmoil of color, the subject is more prominent, and the overall is more "artistic."

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Handling black and white brings a new feeling (Photo via 74)

4. Angle

Most people are used to looking at the world. In fact, in addition to head-up, there are countless angles such as looking down and looking up. One of the great advantages of mobile photography is its mobility, which is easy to lift or put on the ground.


5. Make good use of the prospects

If you just take a car, it is too monotonous. Try to put aside the foreground in front of the theme. Make good use of the small flowers on the side of the road, the arches, and even the puppies of your house. You will find that the photos you take are also more feel.


6. Discover the background

With bicycles, we can go through more places, there will be a lot of fun backgrounds and breathtaking scenery on the road, hurry up and take pictures of the camera, and get the bike into it!


7. Backlighting

There is also a famous saying in the photography world that “the miracle is reversed.” The light in the day is too dull. In the morning and evening, it is a golden moment that cannot be missed. At this time, you only need to put the bicycle between the setting sun and the camera. If the photo is too dark, use the mobile phone to modify the shadow or increase the exposure.


8. Follow the shooting

The shutter speed of a mobile phone slows down when there is insufficient light, making it easy to take a photo. At this time, you must turn on continuous shooting, follow the sports bike shooting, and you can learn this skill after a few more attempts.


9. Find a companion

If you only ride one by one, the angle of the photo will be much more monotonous. Why not find a friend together, it’s more fun to shoot each other than to take a selfie.

10. Luxury bike

If the car you ride is worth a lot, ignore the above. You don't have to rely on photos to improve the B grid.

With the above mobile phone photography skills, I believe that you can also take photos of the beautiful bikes. When you are welcome to submit to the [One Day] section of the US-based network, share your bike beauty with the national drivers!

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