New Recommend ---Titanium Difference MTB Bike Frames In September

Here are difference types Titanium mountain bike frames we made, here just showing for all of you, you can consider which one you like best:

Ti Pinion bike02

Frame specs showing:

1, titanium mountain pinion bike frame with 34mm 1-1/8" head tube;

2. handing brush finished with sliding dropouts;

3. inner line routing;

4. This time we can use Pinion, Bosch motor bracket, and Shimano steps  Or Bafang gearbox with gearbox/e-bike standard size.

Ti mtb bike frame12

Specs options showing:

1, titanium MTB bike frame with 34mm 1-1/8" head tube;

2.xacd made titanium mtb bike frame with disc brake and BSA thread BB Shell;

3. sand blast finished and weight:1.6kg.

Ti bike frame01

Specs option showing:

1, titanium MTB bike frame with taper head tube;

2. thru axle dropout and disc brake;

3. handing brush finished and weight:1.8kg;

4, special shape design.

All our these titanium bicycle products can be custom base on you asked size and data, so which one you like best, we also can do some bikes for your personal request. pls let we know.

We provide the OEM and Personal titanium bicycle products, just like the Ti bike frames, Ti bike fork, handle bar, and stem, also the titanium bicycle crakset.

If you want any of these products pls send messages to us:


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