Reasonable Pedaling Posture For Cycling

The famous physiotherapist Brian Puke said at the World Bank's annual meeting in Wyoming: "The sacral syndrome in cycling is mostly caused by repeated friction and impact on the knee under heavy pressure. Duan's originally smooth cartilage was worn away. "Properly understanding the way scientific exercise can avoid unnecessary exercise damage.


Reasonable pedaling position for cycling

Improve cadence: Too low cadence (less than 60 rpm) will not only strain your muscles, but also put extra pressure on your joints. The cadence should not be lower than 80 rpm.

Find the right angle of motion: Failure to step on your feet can cause knee pain. The movement angle of your lock shoes should match the natural angle of your ankle. Inactive lock pedals can cause knee problems. Excessive angles can also damage knees. For most riders, a range of motion within 45 degrees is the most comfortable.


Reasonable pedaling position for cycling

Forefoot and pedal: If you don't know if the pedaling position is suitable, or the knee has started to hurt, then try to lock the shoes a few millimeters back. This little adjustment will greatly reduce the pressure on your knees.


Reasonable pedaling position for cycling

Draw a circle to stamp: When you continue to stamp with a circle, keep your knees straight, and don't lean inward or outward.

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