Should I Use My Nose Or Mouth When Riding The Bicycle?

When riding, there is such a problem that plagues many riders: sometimes even if you are not tired, you will pant and your feet will not be strong. Why is this? In fact, this is often caused by the wrong way of breathing. What is the correct way to breathe? Especially now in the winter, is it to breathe with your mouth or with your nose?


In general, the conditions mentioned above are usually caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the muscles, which may result in the inability of the muscles to be replenished in time. As for whether to breathe with the mouth or breathe with the nose, this requires specific analysis. The following will be divided into three aspects:

   1. Before riding: sniffing

Before starting, first adjust the breathing by snorting, so that the body can adapt to the rhythm of the movement in advance.

Method analysis: first close your mouth and inhale deeply and slowly with your nose until you can no longer inhale, then open your mouth and slowly spit out the gas. After spitting, close your mouth and then suck deeply with your nose. Gas... This is repeated 9 times in succession. After you finish, use your nose to breathe a few times and you can set off.


       2. Ping Road Riding: Abdominal Breathing

When starting to ride, the body's oxygen consumption will increase, and abdominal breathing can inhale more air, thereby increasing oxygen consumption.

Method analysis: Close your mouth and roll the tongue against the upper jaw to prevent the air from staying in the mouth too much. Then use the nose to inhale deeply. At this time, it is obvious that the abdomen is contracting inward; when exhaling, the gas should be spit out as much as possible. At this time, the abdomen should protrude outward. It doesn't matter if you don't get used to it at first. If you consciously practice, you will get used to it.


       3. When climbing the slope: rushing and vomiting

Compared to a flat road ride, it takes more physical effort to climb the slope, so more oxygen is needed to power the muscles. At this time, although the amount of oxygen absorbed by the abdominal breathing is large, such a slow breathing rhythm cannot satisfy the demand, and it is necessary to change the breathing mode at this time.

Method analysis: When you start to climb uphill, you can use the way of sucking your mouth before you leave; be sure to inhale slowly and exhale. When you find that breathing is getting more and more urgent, you should speed up your breathing rhythm - close your mouth, inhale quickly with your nose, and quickly exhale with your mouth. If breathing is getting more and more urgent, stop at the cart and adjust your breathing.


Note that during this process, whether you are riding or down the cart, do not inhale with your mouth, otherwise it will affect your health. On the one hand, because the oxygen inhalation is relatively large, it is easy to suck in insects and other contaminants, and inhaling cold air often causes coughing and even diarrhea, which greatly affects the riding experience. On the other hand, the nose itself has the ability to filter the air, and at the same time, the air becomes warm and humid after passing through the nasal cavity. In contrast, inhaling your nose is more beneficial to your body.

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