Some Suggestions For Riders To Fight Against Haze

Haze has become one of the invisible hazards in the city. It has eroded our lives step by step and affected our physical and mental health. In the face of powerful enemies, we can't sit still and take measures to protect ourselves. Today, we combine the characteristics of cycling sports for the majority of riders, and hope to reduce everyone's sports injuries.


       1. Reduce outdoor riding time:

This is indeed a helpless move, but in severe smog weather, it is indeed necessary to reduce the time of outdoor riding, especially to avoid intense cycling training. Some elderly riders should also reduce or avoid outdoor sports because their body immunity is relatively poor. The visibility of the air in the haze is poor. It is necessary to observe the road conditions, control the riding speed, and turn on the warning flashlight and the taillight. Hardcore riders and riders who need to ride can train on the ride for indoor training or participate in indoor cycling activities organized by local cycling clubs.

2, do not practice in the morning exercise:

For those who like morning rides, they may have to change their habits. Exercise is definitely better than not exercising, but exercise also depends on gains and losses. Winter is the worst time of air quality in a year. In the middle of the day, during the morning and the evening hours, it was the worst time of the day. Especially in the morning, the air humidity is relatively large, PM2.5 is not easy to spread, and it is easy to form an aerosol (so-called "aerosol", that is, water encloses particulate matter, condensed together), plus the exhaust of the motor vehicle, the air quality is not Great. The best workout time of the day is from 10 am to 3 pm. Therefore, it is best to change the morning exercise as a afternoon exercise.

3. Use a sports mask:

Ordinary masks will affect normal breathing. Many manufacturers have developed professional sports masks, which have better filtering effect on air pollutants and PM2.5 while ensuring breathing effect, but the price of sports mask products is slightly higher, often Cheyous who travel in the fog can choose to buy.


4, after the ride with throat lozenges:

The haze is outside for a long time, the scorpion is very easy to be uncomfortable, and more is dry itching. Eat throat lozenges containing mint and borneol to cool the congested throat and relieve cough and discomfort. But don't eat too sweet throat lozenges, the sugar is too high, there will be sticky feeling.

5. Wash your hands and wash your face after riding:

PM2.5 granules also adhere to our skin in the form of aerosols, especially in recent dry weather. Many people will rub moisturizers or lip balms before going out, and they are more likely to contaminate bacteria or other harmful particles in the air. If you don't wash it in time, especially the dirty things on your lips will eat when you drink water and lick your lips, irritating your throat. Friends with rhinitis should clean up the nasal cavity in time after riding.

Dietary aspect

From the Chinese medicine class, it is recommended to eat more foods that nourish Yin and moisten the lungs. Tremella fuciformis is a good food for preventing and treating lung diseases. Now it is not only badly smog, but also windy, easy to dryness of the respiratory tract, aggravating mucosal damage, so drink a bowl of white fungus Lily porridge is very good. 20 grams of white fungus, 10 grams of lily, soaked in advance, and then porridge with rice. Of course, you can also "Tremella Lily Candy" together, about 50 minutes.

Tremella fuciformis can protect the lungs and reduce the harm of smog, while porridge can replenish moisture and lubricate the respiratory mucosa.

In terms of nutrition, eating more foods rich in antioxidants and carotene can repair and protect our respiratory mucosa and reduce the damage of smog.

What kind of food is rich in antioxidants, of course, the green vegetables are the most abundant, rich in vitamin C, carotene, flavonoids and other important antioxidants. Therefore, it is best to guarantee more than half of the green vegetables every day, such as spinach, rape, broccoli, green pepper and so on.


Supplementing carotene, naturally eat more carrots, the most abundant. Of course, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and carotene are also abundant, which can increase intake. In addition, the animal liver is eaten once a week, and the vitamin A content is also very high. It is very important to protect the lungs.

In fact, to repair the body's mucosal tissue, protein is indispensable, so to ensure the daily intake of protein food, an egg a day, the amount of tofu per day, including pork, beef, fish, chicken, etc., are very protein A good source can enhance the resistance of our lungs. However, smoggy weather eats less lamb, dog meat, sexual fever, easy lung dryness, and increases the burden of lung mucosal tissue.


Drink plenty of water, this can not be less, preferably more than 2500 ml per day. Smog weather hydrating drink green tea, rich in tea polyphenols, is an important antioxidant, a few cups of tea a day, smog is not afraid of it.

However, the food can not solve the fundamental problem, the smog is very powerful, especially for the heart and lungs, there is no "hole", so, smog weather, suffering from cardiovascular disease, it is recommended to go out less, in the house to avoid its "edge"!

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