Suspension Of Forks Before Shock Avoidance Of Bicycles

When people talk about an off-road vehicle, it is very common to have a shock-absorbing function, and the sleeve-type front fork is a common shock-absorbing form. If we want to make it the best performance for a long time, thaintenance work is particularly important.


However, you don't need any advanced technical knowledge, read below, and you can easily handle it. Mandatory Tool 

  1. Allen key 2. And a mallet 3. Oiler 4. air pump

1 Clean the dirt in the rubber sheath The rubber sheath is a very effective protective layer on the shock-absorbing column.

However, each time the cleaning is to turn it up, wipe the front fork telescopic column with a rag, and regularly check whether the shock-absorbing column is damaged.


2 Oil on the contraction column

After each maintenance, a few drops of lubricating oil on the expansion column or a thin layer of ointment shall be applied, so that the shock-absorbing column can be kept in an excellent state for a long time.


(3) the disassembly methods of different forms of shock absorber are also different, and all forks before shock absorber have fixed screws.

Some on the outside, some on the inside, as for the pressure shock fork, before dismantling, to purge the air. Please be sure to read the instructions paid by the shock absorber to find out that its internal structure is being dismantled.


(4) cleaning the interior of the shock absorber

Wipe off all dirt accumulated inside the shock absorber with a rag. Remember not to use any solvent, otherwise it will cause damage to the interior of the shock absorber and check for damage inside.


5 oiling

A thin layer of oil paste should be applied to the shock absorber column, and a good front fork oil should have the characteristic of not eroding the inner wall Teflon coating. In addition, it is of no use to the (MCU) oil of the elastic device, but it can avoid the noise of the shock absorber spring.


6 equipped with shock avoidance device

Do not screw the screw too tightly when assembling, wipe off the extra ointment, and put the dustproof sleeve back in place.


7 adjust the pressure of the fork before the shock absorber

Some shock fork (SID), at least 3 to 4 times a year for pressure inspection, do not use air compressor to flush!


The internal capacity of a front fork is limited, when the air compressor is used to flush the air will cause the internal components to be scrapped.