Take Stock Of The Five Most Beautiful Riding Paradise In China

Take stock of the five most beautiful "riding" paradise in China

  1. Beijing Baihe Canyon


    Baihe is one of the Chaohe and Baihe rivers upstream of the Miyun Reservoir in Beijing. It started from the Yunzhou Reservoir and the Tangquan Reservoir near Chicheng, Hebei. After entering Beijing, it built the Baihebao Reservoir in Yanqing, and then flowed into the Miyun Reservoir via Yanqing, Huairou and Miyun. The Baihe Gorge is a beautiful and rarely-loved classic route between the two reservoirs. This canyon is likened to a silver chain on the top of Beijing. The more than 300 kilometers of canyons are worn together, and the three counties with the most concentrated Beijing scenic spots are put together, especially the Baihebao Reservoir to Tanghekou. The name of the gallery is that the mountains are back and the waters are changing, and the mountains and rivers on both sides of the river and the white river flowing under their feet are in front of them. The scenery is beautiful. Moreover, most of the road sections are sparsely populated and the road surface is flat. There are also many options for camping or lodging. Different line options can be arranged according to their physical fitness and time.

Take stock of the five most beautiful "riding" paradise in China

2. West Lake, Hangzhou


Hangzhou West Lake is undoubtedly the most relaxing route for the riders. It is not only beautiful, but also free of tickets for the whole journey. It is no more than 20 kilometers in a circle, but it is a step by step. Imagine the wind at the foot, constantly changing the angle of appreciation of the West Lake. On the way, you can stop and taste the snacks in Hangzhou. In Longjing Village, you can enjoy a bowl of dragon-run tea brewed in the spring, so leisurely riding, probably Really bad, find it again! Hangzhou is a tourist city with more tourists. In Hangzhou, you must pay special attention to avoiding pedestrians. Don't run blindly. In that case, there is less fun to enjoy the scenery, not to count. In Hangzhou, most of the scenic spots provide bicycle rental services.

Take stock of the five most beautiful "riding" paradise in China

3. Huihang Ancient Road


Friends who like long-distance cross-country, of course, can not let off a great off-road riding route like the Huihang Ancient Road! Huihang Ancient Road, also known as Xiaoyao Rock Plank Road, is the only way for ancient Huizhou merchants to traffic salt, tea and mountain goods to and from Hangzhou. It starts from Fuling Town, Jixi County, Anhui Province, and goes to Maxiao Township, Lin'an City, Zhejiang Province in the east. More than ten miles. The ancient road is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the right side is the Xiaoyao Gorge. The stream flows in the canyons and is formed by the stone. It is built on the shoal of the shoal. The first stone in the south of the river is engraved on the rock. The scenery is beautiful and has always been the focus of domestic hiking enthusiasts. In this section, if the bicycle cross-country performance is good, in addition to the two sections of the mountain stone steps need to brake, the other sections can be fully ridden, which is exactly the taste of off-road enthusiasts, only on the flat asphalt road, what mountain we ride SUV? Isn't that the same as the "Wrangler" on the Third Ring Road?

Take stock of the five most beautiful "riding" paradise in China

4. Sailimu Lake


The same as Qinghai Lake is the Sailimu Lake. It is called "Western Clean Sea" in ancient times. It is called "Serimu Muir" in Mongolian, meaning "lake on the ridge of the ridge". In the Turkic language, "Sai Limu" means "safe". Sailimu Lake is a Kazakh language and is a wish. Because the legend Sai Li Mu Lake is made up of a pair of tears of love for young lovers, also known as Tianchi and Ruhai. In the summer, the lakeside forests are clear, the grass is full of flowers, the vast grassland, the curtains, the smoke, the cattle and sheep in groups, the horses galloping, constitutes a moving pasture landscape.

Take stock of the five most beautiful "riding" paradise in China



Some people describe it like this: Kanas Lake is like a quiet and shy girl, lying in the arm of the Altai Mountains. It’s hard to imagine what kind of beauty it is to inspire such a metaphor. It is no wonder that here is the first of the five major landscapes in Xinjiang, and it is also the only flora and fauna distribution area in the Gubei area in China. Its unique scenery is known as “the only Swiss scenery in Asia”. The color of Kanas Lake is very strange, with a gray-blue color. It is said that this is because the special geological structure makes the snow mountain water contain a certain substance, which causes the color of the water to change. The deeper the water, the deeper the color. The UN officials commented on Kanas: "The last piece of pure land in the world, a place that is beautiful and suffocating." The first time I went to Kanas, the evaluation was: "Beautiful is not true!" Riding a bicycle What would it feel like to wander in such a fairyland?

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