The First MTB International Challenge Is Successfully Concluded


On December 29, the cross-country Xinfeng • First MTB International Challenge successfully concluded in Xinfeng County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. After a fierce competition, Guo Xinwei won the mountain men's elite group championship, Jiang Haodong won the second place, and Liu Yong won the third place. The top men and runners-up of the U25 Mountain Men's Open Group were Zhan Xiong, Huang Dapan, and Zhong Jiasheng. The runners-up and runner-up runners-up of the Mountain Men's Open U39 are Yan Jindi, Peng Jianhui and Chen Yongan. The mountainous men's masters 40+ runner-up and runner-up are Rong Shengguang, Zhang Jun and He Jiantian. The mountain women's team won the first and second runners-up are Liao Binbin, Feng Xiaogen and Chen Xiaolan.


The essence of this competition route is the Xinfeng Lu Ancient Village forest cross-country cross-country route. The driver feels the passion of racing through the mountain forest in the beautiful off-road forest and drunk red leaves. It is worth mentioning that the groundbreaking race adopts a segmented time trial system. The 50.4km ring circuit consists of three time-limited cycling stages and two race time trial stages. Combining Forest Hill Road and Asphalt Road, there are both relatively simple schedules and Challenging Dirt Road Race.

In order to win today's championship, drivers need to have strong climbing ability, to blast out super high power and reach the summit quickly in a short time; they also need to have the ability to calmly handle difficult technical off-road sections. Successfully traversed through jungles, rocks, streams, dust, sand, and rivers, and won the championship in one fell swoop. Although it is a one-day race, it can satisfy all the fun of mountain biking enthusiasts, letting you be wild at once!

Let ’s take a look at today ’s exciting match along with the footage of Meiqi reporter!



Xinfeng · The first Mountain Bike International Challenge ended perfectly! We will see you next year!

Anna Wang