The Golden Rule Of Cycling Nutrition - Avoiding Fasting

Good athletic ability is influenced by training, genetics, nutrition, psychological quality, etc. The influence of dietary nutrition on health and exercise ability is increasingly attracting the attention of athletes. What the athlete eats, how much, and when to eat, plays a decisive role in the effect of exercise, and a reasonable diet is the guarantee of exercise efficiency.

Sports nutrition is a science, nutrition is not a simple package of nutrition, but also includes the basic factors of how to choose the right food. Whether food choices are scientifically important has an important impact on the strength, endurance and physical fitness of athletes. The human body is like a sports car. The food you eat is like gasoline. The sports car has the corresponding high-quality gasoline. This sports car can run the best results. On the contrary, using inferior gasoline, even the most advanced sports car can not run satisfactory results. It can be seen that reasonable nutrition is half the success of athletes. Please note that your muscles are completely transformed from the food you eat. You want your muscles to be composed of potato chips, instant noodles, jellies, junk food, quality red meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. I believe you can make it right. s Choice.


What is reasonable nutrition?

Simply put, reasonable nutrition refers to the calories and nutrients provided by the athletes to eat food for three meals a day, which is balanced with the energy and various nutrients needed to complete the daily training. In terms of nutrients, there must be sufficient heat, and the proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate should be appropriate. There are sufficient inorganic salts, vitamins, trace elements and water, which means the types and quantities of various foods daily. The choice should be appropriate and sufficient. If athletes are very obsessed with their performance, then they should have a more advanced sports nutrition habits. And our body needs to cope with the stress of daily, long-term and painstaking exercise. The correct way to maintain exercise nutrition is one of the key factors that make your body full of energy. It will allow your body to cope with these stresses and then make your body perform better.

From this issue, I will share with you the golden rule of sports nutrition. Perhaps these golden rules will not work at the beginning, but at some point you will find its role. This sounds unconvincing, like a sentence: we increase the daily calorie intake, actually to lose weight. What is the relationship between the two, because we must understand the concept of exercise, whether it is endurance or strength, and we need to let our body adapt to more unusual things.

The training time of amateur drivers is based on the principle of seeing the needles. In order to maximize the use of time, the importance of eating is often neglected, or some dieters mistakenly understand the diet and exercise methods, and start to exercise when they are hungry. The practice is extremely wrong and harmful.

When exercising on an empty stomach, the body first consumes blood sugar, then the sugar stored in the liver and muscles, not fat, which does not achieve the goal of weight loss, let alone quality training. For those who want to lose weight, exercise is to increase metabolism, burn calories, and thus achieve the purpose of fat consumption! Stopping eating to exercise directly leads to hypoglycemia, which can cause sympathetic excitation, hunger, severe dizziness, flustered, pale, cold sweat, weakness and other physiological reactions. And short-term exercise can not achieve the purpose of fat consumption, naturally lost the purpose of weight loss. So eating at this time is for better weight loss and to ensure the quality of exercise.


Reasonable nutrition helps to improve exercise capacity and promote recovery of body after exercise. Reasonable nutrition support exercise training is the material basis for athletes to maintain good health and athletic ability. The athlete's functional state, physical fitness, recovery and injury of the body after exercise. Disease prevention and treatment have a good effect.

Understand the physical stress response after exercise, control the blood glucose before, during and after training, the nutrients needed during different periods of recovery, and minimize the effects of cortisol. If you don't eat bananas, electrolyte drinks, or anything else within 2 hours of exercise, it will have an adverse effect on maintaining blood sugar stability.

If it is a short training (less than 45 minutes), a piece of fruit is enough to support, to ensure that the fruit is in line with your own stomach habits, and easy to digest. If the training time is between 60 minutes and 90 minutes, it is recommended to add 1/3 or half of the electrolyte drink to ensure that your body has a steady stream of carbohydrates to prevent dehydration. If the training time is longer, more than 90 minutes, or even 120 minutes, then you need to take in liquid compounds, such as oatmeal, etc., add some forms of dry food, such as energy bars, rice, potatoes, etc., find some The most suitable for your own liquids or things, in short, avoid avoiding fasting exercise, keeping blood sugar stable so that after training or competition is half the effort.

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