Using Titanium Bikes Start Their Honeymoon In China

Wedding is the very important thing in our life, this newly-married couple from France take them titanium bikes start their honeymoon inChina.


On day when I working in my office, I received one message form my Skype, One person named James who send me one massage said, he know we are XACD titanium bicycle parts manufacturer in China, main custom titanium bike frames and other titanium bike parts for customer, he and his wife will cycling in China, and they will visit our company on next week, he need our position map, he will find us, and will come here. I do that, but I don't believe he will find the correct position.


In the next week, I received messages again, also from Skype, he said, I am arrive, also give me one photo which showing he is standing in our building, it's unbelievable. When I saw them, they are "four people" here: this newly-married couple and two sets titanium bikes. one titanium MTB bike and another one is titanium road bike


They are new coupler and they like titanium bicycle parts, they come here by riding, from Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan, and arrived Xi’an, and next station will go to Beijing.


in our company, we measure their body data, design the titanium bicycle parts drawing for them reference and confirm, they custom titanium new mtb bike frame and new titanium road bike frame, and matched titanium bicycle fork and titanium stem, when they go back, they will install these new titanium bikes. They showed me many pictures which he takes inChina, very nice. They have a large package on the titanium bike, I think here should be full of loves, they love each other, love China and also love titanium bikes.


We are very honor to customize good quality titanium bicycle parts to these newly-married couple, we also want service all the riders, give you the personal customize titanium bicycles in your riding life! We always here, Where are you?


By XACD ti bike team