Wanted To Lose Weight By Riding. But Why Riding More And More Fat?

Wanted to lose weight by riding. But why riding more and more fat?

Most of the sources of diet after riding a ride are snacks or vendors along the way, but these diet choices are often high oil, high sugar and low fiber. The calories burned by each ride are much lower than the calories eaten by a meal, and the heat is not reduced. If such a situation continues to develop, the rise of the cycling trend is not to bring health, but rather to become more and more obese.

This is only healthy when riding a bicycle.

Most riders are aiming for health or weight loss, but many riders choose food or snacks along the way. For example, high-calorie diets such as beancurd, beer, and barbecue are often the dietary choices that are discussed enthusiastically by bicycles. Such eating habits not only consume exercise results, but also affect health to a certain extent.


Sports four strokes + diet four principles

3 times a week: Weekly use of morning and evening riding twice, plus a weekend ride, is the best start to lose weight.

Every 30 minutes or more: calorie consumption starts from sugar, followed by protein and fat. It takes more than 30 minutes to burn fat.

High cadence: Using the transmission to maintain 110 rpm per minute is the best way to avoid sports injuries.

Heartbeat 130: Heartbeat 130 is about moderate exercise intensity for indoor office workers. Maintaining 30 minutes or more is the best aerobic exercise.


Four principles of diet after exercise

Low oil: oil is a super killer for health and weight loss. The team is mainly riding on the ride to supplement the low-GI GI and easy to digest.

Low sugar: It can provide timely sugar, and the best fructose products, such as grapes, energy jelly or sugar cane juice is also a good choice.

High-fiber: Provides a feeling of fullness to soothe hunger after exercise, avoiding high-salt food such as Kezi fried, meatball, or braised pork.

High protein: Exercise breaks muscle fibers, so after exercise, it should be repaired with some proteins to accelerate metabolic efficiency. Beancurd soy milk or cheese products are very good.


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