Which Hours Is The Gold Time For Exercising During A Day?

The best time of the day to exercise, which way to adapt to exercise has always been a controversial topic. There is no good or bad choice of exercise time, but different time sports will have different effects, different time is suitable for different sports.


What time do you exercise well? 

1. Exercise in the morning. The body is fully rested after a deep sleep, and people with fitness habits can choose some low-intensity exercise in the morning. Aerobic exercise time should be controlled at about 30 minutes, such as yoga, walking, jogging, etc. The body is affected by adrenaline, and the decomposition of body fat is more active. Do a certain amount of aerobic exercise at this time, so that the sugar stored in the body is oxidized by oxygen, accelerating the combustion of fat. Morning exercise should not be too early or too intense.

  1. Exercise at noon break. Do some exercises that do not affect digestion during the noon break. Yoga meditation and stretching are good choices.


  2. The evening time of gold (about 16:00-19:00). Controlled by the body's biological clock, the body's physical strength reaches its peak in the evening. At this time, the hormone in the body is active, the body has strong adaptability and high nerve sensitivity. In the evening, it is suitable for resistance training and high-intensity explosive training.

  3. After strength training, the growth hormone secreted at night can effectively reduce the feeling of bone and flesh swelling after exercise, and help the muscle recover quickly. On the whole, the effect of exercise in the evening is the best.


  1. Exercise at night. If you only have time in the evening, you can arrange to do some light and medium aerobic training, such as running, swimming and so on. Avoid high-intensity training, instead of soothing exercise, to make your body slightly tired, so that it is easier to fall asleep.

  2. In addition, exercise should try to ensure that before 10 o'clock and after 10 o'clock our body organs enter the repair period. At this time, too intense exercise will cause us to be too excited, which will affect sleep and make it difficult to fall asleep deeply. Data show that people with poor sleep quality are more likely to gain weight.

  3. If you don't sleep well, you may as well have some sleep yoga exercises if you lose sleep occasionally, wake up easily after falling asleep, sleep time becomes shorter, etc., which can help you relieve pressure, relax your nervous body, and make you sleep more easily!


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