Why Is Riding More Sporty Than Running?

Cycling and running are all highly acclaimed aerobic exercises. In fact, riding a bicycle can achieve better exercise than relative running. Why? Let's take a look!


First, the comparison of physical changes in running and cycling

1. Heartbeats - Although riding a bicycle is relatively easy, the heartbeat of a bicycle changes greatly in terms of the number of heartbeats. The greater the heartbeat changes, the greater the burden on the body, so the amount of exercise is larger. Therefore, the advantage of riding a bicycle is that it feels very relaxed, but the amount of physical exercise can be reached quickly!

2. Calorie consumption - The surface looks like running more than twice as much calories as a bicycle, but because of the time spent, the average calorie consumption per minute is similar. The data of the two is very close, but relatively speaking, riding a bicycle is much easier. (Because the speed is faster, I feel the wind, the body temperature is easy to fall, and I don't feel tired.)

Second, the important discovery of cycling exercise

Experimental results:

1. Running - strengthens the calf muscles

2. Cycling - strengthens the muscles of the thigh, the lumbar muscles of the intestines (the iliopsoas)

The main function of the muscles of the thigh is to support the weight and lift the footsteps. Therefore, it must be exercised well. The unconscious guts muscles (the iliopsoas) are also supporting the body, but their importance is not to lose the thigh muscles, because if the gut muscles are weak, people will not be able to stand for a long time, and it is easy to get sick in bed.

Exercise the muscles of the intestines, in addition to riding a bicycle, another exercise is to climb the stairs. However, climbing the stairs will make the knees bear the weight of the whole body, which is not suitable for the elderly. Therefore, if the elderly want to train the lumbar muscles, it is best to ride a bicycle.

Third, use small slopes to do muscle strength training

In recent studies, muscle strength training has found that more than 30% of its own maximum muscle strength must be used to improve muscle strength. Without this level of muscle strength training, muscles may still be weak. How do you ride a bicycle to apply 30% of your own maximum strength? It has been found that 1.25% of the slope can be reached by riding 50 meters.

Fourth, riding a bicycle can make blood vessels younger

After exercise, the blood flow rate is increased, and nitric oxide is produced. The function of nitric oxide is to make the muscles surrounding the blood vessels soft. The faster the blood flows, the more nitric oxide is produced. Experiments have found that cycling can speed up blood flow by a factor of ten. Therefore, friends with vascular diseases can consider cycling to improve vasospasm!


V. Expert advice

Running and cycling are aerobic exercises that can make blood vessels younger, lose weight and prevent diseases caused by living habits. However, running can not improve muscle strength.

How long does it take to ride a bicycle to make the blood vessels really young?

Expert advice: riders under 40 years old, ride 180 minutes + week; 40-year-old riders to ride 160 points + week; 50 years old to ride 150 points +; 60 years old to ride 140 points +

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