Why They Don't Use The Comfortable Cowhide Seat For A Long Riding?

What's the specific abolition? Let me elaborate on it: the cowhide is soft when it meets the water, which is generally accepted. Otherwise, you should wear your hard leather shoes and go out on a rainy day and harvest a pair of soft leather shoes when you return... So my B17 supports two hollows in the sciatic bone, and the middle is still strong, so it is very elastic to oppress my central nervous system, so I -- forgive my impatience-- I did not hesitate to change the SLIVERDEO of WTB, but my beloved BROOKS B17 can only be set up at home.

So brothers, be realistic, be rational and think: Why do I want this cushion which is afraid of water and will bring trouble to myself at any time when I run long distances? The reason is just to look better and retro.


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