What Makes Titanium the Ideal Materials for Bicycle?
Titanium is a hard gray transition metal and exists with ilmenite or tutile in the nature. Well, why titanium is so attractive?

1. Light weight
The titanium density usually is 4.51g for each square centimeter or so, which is only 60% of steel. Normally, one titanium bike frame is 1.4-1.5kg. Light weight can improve speed and reduce the body consumption in long cycling.

2. High intensity
The titanium alloy’s hardness is 43% more than stainless steel and double than aluminum. Van Nicholas’s 3AL-.5V titanium alloy is 62Mpa. Bike frame with high intensity is easy for the driving force transformation and improve the maneuverability.

3. Strong elasticity, good riding feeling
Titanium alloy frame flexibility is strong and 30% superior to the steel, excellent shock absorption, comfortable riding, and riding feeling good, suitable for long time cycling.

4. Corrosion resistant, do not need painting
Almost no corrosion in the natural environment, titanium almost not affected by water, salt water, sea water, ultraviolet light, infrared, petroleum chemical corrosion.
In addition, the essence of titanium alloy is very beautiful, low-key costly, no coating, not rust, and also not afraid of knock against fall after paint.

5. Long usage time
Recycling usage of titanium will not cause structural failure and can resist bending without damages. And it is five times higher than that of aluminum frame. It is basically half a permanent frame.

6. Good touch-feeling
Touch titanium, you will feel soft and smooth without the other metal’s cold hardness feeling.

7. High resistance to high or low temperature
New type of titanium alloy can be use for a long time under 600 ℃, melting point 1672 ℃, refractory metal. And under 100 ℃ environment, it still has a high flexibility, not brittle.

8. No magnetic, non-toxic, good rapport with the human body
Titanium is a nonmagnetic metal and will not be magnetized in large magnetic field. And it is non-toxic and has good compatibility with human tissue and blood. So it is widely used in the medical field, used for artificial joint, pacemaker, and other equipments.