Titanium MTB Bike Frame With Logo

Titanium MTB Bike Frame With Logo
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XI'AN YONG WEI METALWORK CO., LTD  site in XI a city, is a titanium professional bike parts supplier since 1990s. Our productions range is from titanium frame, fork to stem, handlebars, seat post, such as that.  Over 20 years, we expert to so many items, that we got high prestige from the customers.  If you want to see the feedbacks, I will send to you against your requirement.


1) OEM manufacturer

2)customized services

3)Ti6AL4V, and Ti3AL2.5V

4) a lifetime warranty


BB30 bottom bracket

1-1/8" headtube

sandblasting surface with polished logo

Sample photos:

Titanium MTB bike frame2.jpg

Titanium MTB bike frame6.jpg

Titanium MTB bike frame1.jpg

Titanium MTB bike frame3.jpg

Titanium MTB bike frame4.jpg

Titanium MTB bike frame5.jpg

 Trade conditions:

20 working days after you confirm the drawings.

Packaged in Carton

Ship by EMS

Quality control:

We have 2 teams' quality control, one is in the factory, they will control the quality in the process. The other is in the office, they will control the quality after the protuct is finished.




www.Ti-bike.com ;